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Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

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Get ready for the perfect side dish with these Air Fryer Frozen French Fries. In just minutes, you’ll achieve crispy, golden fries that taste as good as deep-fried ones, making them the best convenient and quick option that will have you wondering if they were ever frozen, to begin with.

Frozen french fries in an air fryer basket.

Air fryers have quickly become a kitchen staple, offering a healthier alternative to traditional deep-frying. One of the most popular snacks to cook in an air fryer is frozen French fries. Using an air fryer can make your fries crispy and delicious without the excessive oil and calories of deep frying.

Preparing frozen French fries in an air fryer is incredibly easy and doesn’t require expert skills or prior cooking experience. It’s a fuss-free way to enjoy your favorite snack from the comfort of your own home. You can have perfectly cooked and crispy French fries that taste restaurant-quality in just a few minutes.

Why You’ll Love Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

  • Healthier alternative: With an air fryer, you can use less oil which means fewer calories without sacrificing that deep-fried texture. 
  • Easy and quick: Making air fryer frozen French fries is as simple as preheating your air fryer, placing the fries in the basket, and letting them cook for about 14 minutes. 
  • Customizable flavors: One of the best things about air frying your French fries is the ability to customize the flavors. You can easily add your favorite seasonings.
  • Crispy and delicious: Your air fryer will give your frozen French fries that crispy outside and fluffy inside that everyone loves. No more soggy or undercooked fries when you use an air fryer. They are better than your favorite fast-food fries!
  • Less mess: Preparing frozen French fries in an air fryer means there’s little to no clean-up. You won’t have to worry about messy cooking oil and splatters with a deep fryer since the air fryer does all the work. Just pop the basket in the dishwasher, and you’re done!
Frozen fries in an air fryer basket.


  • Bag of frozen French fries: I used straight-cut fries, which cook evenly and offer perfect texture and flavor.
  • Extra virgin olive oil: A little oil will give your fries a nice coating, helping them get that crispy exterior while maintaining a soft, tender interior.
  • Salt: A touch of salt goes a long way in bringing out the natural flavors of the fries.

How to Make Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

  • Step One: Add the frozen French fries to the large mixing bowl. Drizzle them with olive oil, just enough to lightly coat the fries, and sprinkle with salt per your taste preferences. Toss the fries gently to ensure they’re evenly coated with the oil and salt.
  • Step Two: Preheat your air fryer to 400℉ (if your air fryer requires pre-heating) and place the seasoned fries in the air fryer basket. Ensure they are spread out and not overcrowded, as this will help them cook evenly and achieve that crispy texture you’re after.
  • Step Three: Set the cooking time for 14 minutes, and don’t forget to shake the basket halfway through the cooking time. This helps avoid uneven cooking and promotes optimal crispiness for your scrumptious French fries.
  • Step Four: Once the cooking time is complete, carefully remove your perfectly-cooked air fryer frozen French fries from the basket. Serve them hot, and enjoy this tasty, crispy, and satisfying treat.

Equipment Needed

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  • Air Fryer: There are many options on the market, ranging from compact models to larger ones with several cooking functions. Look for one that suits your needs and preferences.
  • Tongs or Spatula: A pair of tongs or a spatula is essential to ensure even cooking and easy handling of your fries. These tools will help you turn the fries during the cooking process and safely remove them once they’re done.
  • Bowl: A large mixing bowl is handy when tossing your frozen French fries with any seasonings or oil you might want to add.

What to Serve with Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

  • Burgers: Nothing pairs better with French fries than a juicy burger. Try our Greek Chicken Burger.
  • Fried Chicken: Classic fried chicken is a favorite for a reason, but if you want to keep things a bit healthier, try air frying your chicken as well.
  • Fish and Chips: For a British twist on your meal, serve your air-fryer fries alongside beer-battered fish. You’ll feel like you’re in a cozy English pub, even if you’re enjoying your meal at home. Need a recipe? Try this easy Air Fryer Beer Battered Fish.
  • Sandwiches or Wraps: Sandwiches and wraps make perfect partners for your air-fried French fries. Select your favorite cold cut, grilled chicken, or veggie combination and pile it high on your choice of bread or wrap.
French fries on a plate with ketchup.


  • Salt: It’s a classic seasoning choice for a reason. While some frozen French fries come pre-salted, you might want to add more to taste. A light sprinkling of salt should do the trick. Try this Copycat Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.
  • French Fry Seasoning: Give your fries a punch of flavor by using a ready-made French fry seasoning. These mixtures typically contain spices like paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper. Sprinkle some on your fries before cooking in the air fryer.
  • Custom Spice Blends: Feel free to get creative and make your own spice blend. Mix your favorite herbs and spices, such as black pepper, chili powder, curry powder, cumin, oregano, and thyme. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Sauces and Dips

  • Ketchup and Mayo Mix: This iconic dip is a classic favorite. Mix equal parts of ketchup and mayonnaise, and you’ve got a creamy and tangy sauce that complements the crispy fries perfectly.
  • Spicy Sriracha Aioli: Try this fantastic spicy dip if you like your fries with a little kick. Combine mayonnaise, Sriracha sauce, lemon juice, and minced garlic. Adjust the heat level to your preference by adding more or less Sriracha.
  • Creamy Ranch: Ranch dressing is always a crowd-pleaser. You can mix equal parts of ranch dressing and sour cream for a thicker dip. You can also customize it by adding a touch of dill or chopped chives for extra flavor.
  • Cheese Sauce: For cheese lovers, a homemade cheese sauce can make your air fryer French fries even more indulgent. Melt your favorite cheese with butter and milk, and you’re ready to dip and enjoy.
  • Honey Mustard: A sweet and tangy honey mustard dip can uniquely flavor your fries. To make this dip, combine Dijon mustard, honey, and mayonnaise. Adjust the ratios according to your taste preferences.
  • BBQ Sauce: My favorite dipping sauce! I always loved to dip my fries into this smoky and tangy sauce.

Recipe Tips and Tricks

  • Toss the fries in a small amount of oil, even if they are already coated. This helps create a delicious and crispy texture. Also, remember to season your fries with salt or other preferred spices before cooking.
  • Place the fries in a single layer in the air fryer basket. Avoid overcrowding the basket, which can cause uneven cooking and less crispiness. You may need to cook in batches for best results.
  • Shake the basket halfway through cooking to ensure the fries are evenly cooked and crisp on all sides.
A french fry in a dipping sauce filled with ketchup.

How to Reheat French Fries in the Air Fryer

Reheating your frozen French fries in an air fryer is a great way to enjoy a crisp and delicious snack. It’s pretty simple and only takes a few steps. 

First, preheat your air fryer to 350 degrees F. This temperature ensures that your fries will heat evenly and become crispy without burning. While your air fryer is preheating, arrange the French fries in a single layer in the basket, not overlapping them. This allows the hot air to circulate evenly and helps your fries reheat and crisp properly.

Once your air fryer is preheated, place the basket of fries inside and cook for 2-3 minutes. Keep an eye on them to prevent overcooking, as reheating times may vary depending on the thickness and amount of fries. After the cooking time has elapsed, carefully remove the fries from the air fryer using tongs or a heat-proof utensil.

Choosing the Right Air Fryer

When it comes to cooking frozen french fries, an air fryer is a fantastic kitchen appliance to have. This handy tool allows you to cook your fries evenly and quickly and reduces the need for excessive oil.

Size and Capacity

An essential aspect to consider when choosing an air fryer is its size and capacity. You’ll want to ensure there’s enough room on your kitchen countertop for the appliance and ample space for storage when not in use. In terms of capacity, consider how many servings of fries you’ll typically be preparing. Air fryers come in various sizes with different cooking capacities, so finding the right one for your needs should be simple.

  • Small air fryers: Best for individuals or couples, typically have a capacity of around 1 to 2 quarts.
  • Medium air fryers: Suitable for families or small gatherings, with capacities ranging from 3 to 4 quarts.
  • Large air fryers: Ideal for larger families or frequent entertaining, offering 5 quarts or more capacities.

Different Features

Air fryers come with various features to suit different cooking styles and preferences. Some popular features include:

  1. Pre-set cooking modes: These convenient options automatically set the temperature and timer for various foods, such as fries, chicken, and fish. Pre-set modes can be a handy timesaver, especially for beginners.
  2. Adjustable temperature control: This feature lets you fine-tune the cooking temperature to achieve the perfect crispy texture on your fries.
  3. Timer with auto shut-off: A built-in timer ensures your fries won’t overcook, as the air fryer will automatically shut off once the cooking time is complete.

Price Range

Finally, consider your budget when selecting an air fryer. Prices can vary significantly depending on the appliance’s brand, size, and special features.

  • Budget-friendly options: Generally, you can find smaller air fryers with basic features within the $50 to $100 price range.
  • Mid-range options: In the $100 to $200 bracket, you’ll discover air fryers with larger capacity, more advanced features, and often improved build quality.
  • High-end options: For those willing to spend upwards of $200, some air fryers come with additional cooking functions, such as grilling or baking, as well as premium design and materials.

Why are my fries not crispy?

There could be several reasons why your air fryer frozen french fries aren’t turning out as crispy as you’d like. Some common factors affecting the crispiness of your fries include the air fryer temperature, cooking time, and the thickness of the fries. 

First, make sure your air fryer is set to the right temperature. Most air fryer recipes recommend a temperature of about 400°F for cooking frozen french fries. Too low temperatures can result in limp and undercooked fries, while excessively high temperatures can cause them to burn.

Next, consider your cooking time. The cooking time may vary depending on the type of frozen fries you have (shoestring, crinkle-cut, etc.). Generally, shoestring fries will be ready in 9 to 10 minutes, while thicker cuts may take up to 14 minutes. It’s essential to keep an eye on them to prevent overcooking or undercooking, and don’t forget to give the basket a gentle shake halfway through to ensure even cooking.

Another element to consider is the amount of fries you cook at once. Overcrowding the air fryer basket can lead to uneven cooking and leave some fries soggy while others turn crispy. Avoid overlapping the fries, and cook them in smaller batches if necessary.


Great news! There is no need to defrost frozen french fries before frying them in an air fryer. Thawing them beforehand can have the opposite effect and make your fries soggy instead of crispy. When you attempt to thaw the fries, the ice can melt into the fry, making it a mushy, undesirable texture.

Set the air fryer to 400°F for 9 to 10 minute cook time for shoestring fries. Keep an eye on your fries as they cook. You may need to adjust the cooking time depending on your air fryer’s specific model and the thickness of the fries. They should be golden brown and crispy on the outside when ready.


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Air Fryer Frozen French Fries

Get ready for the perfect side dish with these Air Fryer Frozen French Fries. In just minutes, you'll achieve crispy, golden fries that taste as good as deep-fried ones, making them the best convenient and quick option that will have you wondering if they were ever frozen to begin with.
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Prep Time:5 minutes
Cook Time:14 minutes
Total Time:19 minutes



  • Add the frozen French fries to a large mixing bowl. Add olive oil and salt and toss to cover.
  • Air fry for 14 minutes at 400℉. Shake the basket halfway through cooking time.
  • Serve hot.


Do not overcrowd the air fryer. If you use a large bag of fries, you may need to work in batches depending on the size of your air fryer.
Air fryer times may vary depending on the brand. I used a Cosori 5.8quart Dual Blaze air fryer for this recipe.


Calories: 228kcalCarbohydrates: 19gProtein: 2gFat: 17gSaturated Fat: 4gPolyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 11gSodium: 313mgPotassium: 274mgFiber: 3gVitamin C: 4mgCalcium: 6mgIron: 1mg
Servings: 4
Calories: 228kcal

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